The best superannuation you can have

What if we placed the same amount of importance on looking after our bodies as we do in investing in a comfortable retirement?

We all know that superannuation is a way of saving for our retirement. We live in a society that places a high importance on having enough money saved up to be able to live comfortably in our later years.

In simple terms, we are putting money into an account where interest may be accumulated throughout our working life which can then be used to live on when we retire.

But what about if we invested in our body like we do with superannuation? The idea of superannuation is that by investing for the long term ensures that we are able to feel a level of financial freedom post-employment.

So, perhaps we should be considering not only financial freedom but wellbeing freedom also. Investing in our body fortnightly, just like we do with our superannuation contribution, is a way of achieving a potential benefit similar to our finances.

Investing in your body by making lifestyles choices such as not to smoke, limiting alcohol consumption and avoiding excessive food intake, will assist your wellbeing for the long term, just like superannuation will assist your finances for the long term.

And, you could ask yourself what is more important – a commitment to financial benefit/gain or health benefit/gain?

If you had a choice, would you rather be wealthy at retirement or healthy at retirement? What is the benefit in being able to live beyond your means financially if at the same time you are struggling to maintain a healthy vibrant body?

In fact, some may say we are certainly living longer, but we are not necessarily living better.

The number one wellbeing treatment is massage. The growth rate of massage as a mainstream service has been phenomenal. People understand more than ever before, the importance of regular attention to their body, the “vehicle” they are responsible for during their lifetime.

We are born into this world with nothing more that the human body we are in and we have this body until we leave this world. So, doesn’t it stand to reason that we should consider our body to be the most precious thing we have?

Our “vehicle of expression”, our human body, is what we should be investing in every day. It should not have to wait until we have a better job, a more expensive car, a rewarding holiday, a new garden. All these external lifestyle choices don’t necessarily help our body.

And, what’s interesting is that our body knows when we are mistreating it. It knows when we are not taking the time to invest in its wellbeing.

Superannuation just doesn’t happen. Funds are committed every fortnight otherwise the finances are not in the piggy bank. The body is the same, it needs attention regularly otherwise the benefits are not in the health bank.

You can’t expect the body to respond positively if it is being ignored. Massage is a way of saying that you are taking the time to honour your body and give it the nurturing it deserves. Eating well is a way of acknowledging to the body that it deserves to be nourished. Exercising regularly is a way of saying to the body that you care for how it functions day-to-day.

Every time you take action that nurtures, nourishes or supports the body in anyway, you are investing in your body, an investment that is worth much more than money.