How you can help your neck:

  • Exercise regularly – to increase strength and flexibility. Regularly stretching the neck and shoulder muscles can considerably reduce reoccurring neck pain

  • Be aware of your posture – consider your posture, particularly when seated, such as sitting at a desk for long periods of time. Please see our computer/desk article for more information.

  • Take regular breaks – sitting or standing for long periods of time, take regular breaks to change the position of your joints and loosen your muscles.

  • Relaxation – learn some relaxation techniques to reduce stress levels and subsequent muscle tension.

  • Pain management – try self massage, heat or cold applications and gentle exercise

  • Check your sleeping posture – on average we spend 30% of our lives sleeping so it is important to sleep with a good posture as well. Sleeping on too many pillows can aggravate a sore neck. Its best to try sleep with one good pillow, keeping the neck in neutral plane. Try to avoid sleeping on your stomach.

How can we help:

  • Assessment of your neck and posture

  • Soft tissue release of tight shortened muscles

  • Dry needling for pain relief if required

  • Assessment of your muscle balance including length and strength testing

  • Prescription of strengthening and stretching exercises