Dry-Needling can greatly benefit your treatment in dealing with sore, stiff or tight areas of your body.

Myotherapists use a number of different techniques to eliminate active trigger points, ranging from deep tissue massage, stretching, heat, tens machines, cupping and dry-needling.

 In our experience, dry needling is an extremely effective method of eliminating trigger points (tight spots) in the muscles that you experience pain and dysfunction in. Many of our clients report to us that they feel so much relief from needling and ask for it as a preferred treatment tool.

If you have not experienced Dry needling and think it may work for you, next time you are in, discuss this with your Myotherapist.

All the needles we use are single use needles, all individually wrapped and sterile, alcohol swabs are used to clean the skin before and after the needling to eliminate any bacteria.

 Please always let your Myotherapist know if you have any blood clotting issues or illnesses that may make the use of needles not appropriate for you.