Welcome to online training with AB Myotherapy & Fitness Studio

During these hard times of the Covid-19 pandemic, it can be hard to stay motivated and inspired to continue exercising, especially with all gyms now closed down.

Our online training program is designed for “at home” work outs with no equipment necessary.

Online Fitness Videos:

The online fitness exercise programs will be available to use on your phone. You will have the trainer taking you through a fun fitness program designed to maintain and improve your current strength, endurance and flexibility.

Online Myotherapy Videos:

The online Myotherapy videos are for demonstrations of different rehabilitation exercises or stretches needed due to injury or pain. By contacting your online fitness trainer, you will have a personalized set of demonstrated exercises delivered to your phone


A big part of having a personal trainer, a group class instructor, or anyone else to help you through your fitness journey is accountability. You look to them for motivation, advice on nutrition and answers to any questions you’re not sure of.

This is what we can be for you. Open communication is available through Messenger and will be set up on day 1


Using the “myfitnesspal” app, which is a free app, you will be able to input your daily food intake and have it break down your macro nutrients and total calorie intake. This will help identify any over eating, poor food selection or deficiencies in your diet. This can be screen shot and sent through to your online trainer for assessment and feedback

Home Equipment:

If you have your own fitness equipment at home such asĀ  resistance bands, weights, treadmill, etc we can set up a program for you, with videos, so you can keep yourself moving and progressing.